Story of KunciLab: The Creative Process Behind The Logo

5 min readSep 2, 2022

Process of creating an identity and communicating to the user

The logo of KunciLab. Powered by KunciCoin

Who are we? That is the question that we keep asking to introduce ourselves and our work

We never meet our users with our self persona. From time to time, our users call us KunciCoin, DoyanRebahan team and many more.

We need something to reach our community and introduce us to them.

How do we even show our love to our beloved users and return their trust in us if we never show our true selves? Based on that thought, we conclude.

Let’s show the family behind every Kunci Universe We will introduce our family with the best face through an iconic logo.

The Design Process: Simple, Unique, and Responsive.

The first thing that we need is a logo, a logo that is pictorial for our Kuncilab family, the epitome of our hard work and passion. Our passionate design team (turn out it become a two-man work) start sketching their way to draw the faces of Kuncilab.

Everything starts with researching.

The research starts by looking at references from other companies. We could find that every logo is beyond more than can what we can see. It’s the thought process and transformation of the logo.

Based on the quick research we conduct, we decided the logo has to be Simple, Unique, and Responsive.

Simple is More

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Quoted from one of the most genius artists, Leonardo da Vinci.

To achieve simplicity, we choose the geometrical shape to become the logo or circle in a specific manner. Through the geometrical, we could be eliminating excess illustrative detail in favor of flat lines and color.

The base shape we choose for the logo.

We pick a circle as the base of our logo.

Based on the research, a circle could be interpreted as integrity and perfection. The shape of endless could compliment our imagination of infinite possibilities in the web3 universe.

Uniqueness is Us

It sounds confusing and we bet right now, you are looking at our logo and wondering “Where is the circle?”.

That’s where the uniqueness come through. We couldn’t create a logo without anything that could remind you of us.

Like our way of “Imaginate till it happens”, we create those circles and form words of “K” dan “L” like KunciLab (for obvious reason).

The letter K and L come after splitting one circle

There is no special or so-called philosophical thought on how we split the circle, it’s only part of our radical view to modify the circle.

The process itself does show a more philosophical explanation rather than the logo itself. Those brave thoughts and unique ideas help us breeze through the wilderness of blockchain.

Responsive for Every Scenario

After all of those thoughtful designing processes, we do need our logo to look good across every device. We are making sure that every user is given the best experience whenever they use our services.

To achieve what we want, we conduct visibility tests for our logo. Our logo does come with 2 variants of color which are B&W and full-color variants.

Logo Final Version. B&W Version

The two variants give us freedom and agility to use our logo whenever needed and keep them representable and give the user the very best experience.

Purple and Orange: Color of Creativity and Happiness

Now we talking about the color we choose for our logo. A purple and orange mixture is something that is never wrong and looks clean when applied across our product.

But, there’s a deeper explanation for the color we choose. There’s a deeper explanation of the combination. each of color represents us as the company and our product

Purple is a symbol of creativity and imagination. Like us, we are a bunch of people who always imagine and create something bold (maybe the first of its kind). Also, Purple is the main color of KunciCoin that has always been our root identity.

Orange is a color for happiness and creativity. We love our work and always be passionate about everything we create. Always try to strive for more and deliver great products.

The New Beginning of the Story Tale

Here we are, at the last part. After a very fruitful reading, probably you still Have some questions about our logo. It’s fine, we could have different perceptions of how we look at something compared to you. You still couldn’t find the circle or anything that you thought too cliché. One thing is for sure, KunciLab is always trying to deliver the best services for the Kunci Universe and it’s the fact we can agree on.

— — — — —

Introducing KunciLab. Where KunciCoin Troopers makes and delivers marvelous and bohemian products through a flawless process, thus meeting the user’s needs.

We build things that be the pioneer in this industry. We go beyond the imagination. It is all about when revolutionary ideas meet a passionate team.

Ready to beat this great challenge together as a Super Team?
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When revolutionary ideas meets a passionate team. Join us as KunciCoin Troopers!